• Plasterers Bead and Mesh

    catalog.labelhttp://simpson2013-rj.go/frontend_dev.php/products/catalogue/panneaux-bois-massif-clt/10 - Plasterers Bead and Mesh
    A range of plastering bead and mesh solutions - for a smooth, professional finish.
  • Racking Solutions

    catalog.labelhttp://simpson2013-rj.go/frontend_dev.php/products/catalogue/panneaux-bois-massif-clt/10 - Racking Solutions
    Products designed to provide enhanced resistance to rack for timber frame structures with large openings or very li...
  • Masonry Ties

    catalog.labelhttp://simpson2013-rj.go/frontend_dev.php/products/catalogue/panneaux-bois-massif-clt/10 - Masonry Ties
    Stainless Steel Ties for use in masonry to masonry applications.
  • Structural Screws

    catalog.labelhttp://simpson2013-rj.go/frontend_dev.php/products/catalogue/panneaux-bois-massif-clt/10 - Structural Screws
    Long screws for use in a wide variety of structural timber to timber applications.