A high quality yet cost effective solution to creating internal
arches in masonry walls.

Material: Pre-galvanised Mild Steel


  • Arch formers are non-load bearing. If creating a new opening a lintel will be necessary.
  • Selection: Measure the brick to brick width and thickness of gap. If necessary, cut arch using snips and a hacksaw or use a bridging section (ref BSP450).
  • If wall thickness exceeds 150mm, select extra Soffit Piece (ref ESP295) for wall thickness up to 400mm.
  • Fixing: Remove plaster down to brickwork and mark centre point of the gap on both sides. Nail arch segments into place using, masonry nails provided, connecting beads at centre with joining pieces supplied.
  • If provided, fit Soffit pieces between segments with screws, nails and joining pieces. 
  • For walls of thickness less than 150mm join overlapping fixed soffits with self-tapping screws provided.
  • For walls thicker than 150mm use extra soffit piece (ref ESP295) in the same way as above.
  • To adapt an arch to fit between two parallel walls, cut and use wooden battens as shown in the illustration on the right.
  • Plastering: When the arch frame is fully secured to the wall, use standard angle bead on vertical corners as usual and apply plaster directly to the mesh.


  • Suits wall thickness of 90mm to 150mm without cutting.
  • Solid bead for durability and ease of plastering.
  • Wide variety of styles and sizes available.
  • Fixings and instructions included.