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Simpson Strong-Tie®
Zone d'activité des Quatre Chemins
Phone : 02 51 28 44 00

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Gandi SAS
15 place de la Nation
75011 - Paris
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18 Avenue Albert Einstein
17000 - La Rochelle
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Code of Business Conduct and Ethics Policy

We expect that all of our employees, officers and directors will trat each other, our customers and our suppliers with goodwill, trust and respect. As a company we value honesty, high ethical standards and compliance with laws, rules and regulations.

Read the Simpson Manufacturing Company Inc. Code of Business Conducts and Ethics Policy in full >

Supply Chain Disclosure

We aim to ensure that everything we make or purchase is produced consistent with local law and our code of Business Conduct and Ethics.

Suppliers doing business with us should be committed to providing a healthy and safe worling environment where workers are free from discrimination and intimidation; respecting both human rights and the environment. We seek to build and maintain long-term, mutually profitable and ethical supplier relationships.

We recognise that the extract and harvesting of some raw materials can have significant social and economic impact - both positive and negative and we endeavour to identify and limit the materials in our supply chain that pose negative implications. In particular we are concerned with materials that come from regions of the world in conflict. We intend to inform our suppliers of our concerns in this area and ask them to work to provide us only materials that have been procured though a validated supply chain, so as to ensure that they have not, at any point, financed conflict.

Data Privacy Policy

We respect your concerns about privacy and value the relationship with you.