Installation - Angle brackets for cladding




Drill holes: Number and diameter, see table of dimensions.

  • Wood rafters : 1 LAG lag screw dia. 8-50 + 2 CSA screws anti-rotation dia. 5 x 35 or dia. 5 x 40 mm.
  • Concrete substrate : mechanical anchor: HIPC 8-140/100 or WA-M8 65/5 anchor.
  • Hollow masonry substrate : chemical anchor: AT-HP or POLY-GP resin + LMAS M8-95/20 threaded rod + SH M16-130 screen.



In standard sections, the standard installation consists of positioning the vertical rafters with a 60 cm spacing.
These rafters are fastened with angle brackets arranged in a staggered manner on either side of the rafter every 1.35 m, i.e., 1.23 angle brackets/m².
On the edges of the building, the spacing between the angle brackets is reduced (0.90 m)and the angle brackets are all placed on the same side on the end rafter (see diagrams). The rafter is fastened onto the angle bracket by a lag screw dia. 8 mm (placed in the obround hole dia. 8 x 40 mm centre) and by 2 additional screws dia. 5 mm to ensure the "anti-rotation" of the rafter. The angle bracket is fastened onto the concrete supporting member with an anchor dia. 8 mm placed in the top most obround hole dia. 8.5 x 30 mm.

  • Connect timber battens. - Angle brackets for cladding
    Connect timber battens.
  • Cladding installation - Angle brackets for cladding
    Cladding installation
  • ABC - Angle brackets for cladding
  • Top view - Angle brackets for cladding
    Top view