Nails and Screws

  • Connector Screws

    Range - Connector Screws
    Screws tested and approved for use with Simpson Stong-Tie products. For the best possible installation of...
  • Structural Screws

    Range - Structural Screws
    Structual screws designed and tested to provide enhanced performance for construction assemblies such as...
  • Wood Screws

    Range - Wood Screws
    Timber-to-timber screws suitable for interior and exterior use.
  • Cladding, Roof, Facade Screws

    Range - Cladding, Roof, Facade Screws
    Screws suitable for fixing cladding and facades. Coated for exterior use.
  • Board Screws

    Range - Board Screws
    Screws for connecting fibre cement and oriented strand baords ot timber or steel framework.
  • Decking Screws

    Range - Decking Screws
    Screws and fittings for softwood, hardwood and composite decking.
  • Nails

    Range - Nails
    WIde range for nails in a variety for coating.
  • Collated Nails

    Range - Collated Nails
    Nails collated on paper and plastic and wire-weld strips.
  • Quik Drive Systems

    Range - Quik Drive Systems
    The Quik drive series of attachments are compatible with most leading power tools and can be installed...
  • Quik Drive Accessories

    Range - Quik Drive Accessories
    Quik Drive® accessories and spare components.
  • Quik Drive Collated Screws

    Range - Quik Drive Collated Screws
    Collated screw clips. Partially used clips can be re-used.