Quik Drive® Collated Screw System


  • The award winning Quik Drive system

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A Perfect alternative to traditional nailing and screwing.

The Quik Drive auto-feed system is a significantly faster way to install screws. With a multitude of modular fittings and screws for a huge range of purposes, there is a Quik Drive kit to suit just about every application - from drywall installation to mezzanine floor construction. It’s ergonomic too, allowing the installation of screws into walls, floors

and ceilings without the need for bending, stretching or crouching. Which means not only can the system operate for several hours at a time – so can you. Simple to use, the Quik Drive system fits onto all leading screwguns with just a click. The patented screw strips are designed to avoid jamming and unlike many collated screw strips, a partially used one can be saved for reuse later – so its cost effective too.

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