Technical Data - Connector for Curtain Wall


Technical Data

  • F1-F2-F3-F4-F5-F6 Force Directions - Connector for Curtain Wall
    F1-F2-F3-F4-F5-F6 Force Directions

Dimensions and characteristic values

Dimensions and characteristic values - ACW - Connector for Curtain Wall
product.image_with_dim.alt - ACW - Connector for Curtain Wall
References Dimensions [mm] Holes [mm] Characteristic Capacities [kN]
A B C Thickness Joist Flange B Front floor Top of floor
R1,k R4,k R5,k R1,k R6,k R4,k R5,k
ACW155 123 154 150 2.5 4 Ø14 - 2 Ø14x30 33 Ø5 - 2 Ø9 - 3 Ø13x30 16.3 21.1 5 8.8 21.2 6 11.4

Please note that the loads given in this table are maximum loads. If the anchors don't resist to these loads, they will be reduced.

The load given for the "top of floor" configuration are given for timber element that can't rotate.