Backer Free, Top Flange I-Joist Hanger

The ITB hanger eliminates the requirement for backer blocks when supported from an
I-Joist header. The bottom flange location tabs, and an open top flange, provide enhanced capacity and improved ease of installation.

  • Bottom flange location tabs quickly set the hanger onto the I-Joist header.
  • Open top flange improves ease-of-installation.
  • Optional nail holes for additional download and uplift capacity.


  • Service class 2


Declarations of Performance : 
Technical approvals : ETA-17/0554
  • Pre-galvanised mild steel.

Standard Installation (I-Joist headers without backer blocks), position the ITB hanger
onto the face of supporting I-Joist, ensuring the bottom flanges are tight up against the underside of the bottom chord and fill all round and obround holes with the specified nails, starting with the bottom face nails and ensuring the hanger sides are vertical before fixing the top nails. Install the nails into the holes in the bottom flanges.

  • Sit the carried joist into the ITB Hanger and install the specified nails through the angled pan nail holes into the joist.
  • Enhanced Installation (I-Joist headers with backer blocks installed) it is necessary to fit backer blocks into the web of the I-Joist header, ensuring they are tight to the underside of the top chord. All round, obround and triangular holes are then to be filled with the specified nails, starting with the bottom face nails and ensuring the hanger sides are vertical before fixing the top nails.
  • Enhanced uplift (I-Joists or solid joists with additional joist nails) fit web stiffeners onto the carried joist and fill all joist triangular nail holes with specified nails.
  • When required, backer blocks and web stiffeners are to be installed in accordance with I-Joist manufacturer’s recommendations.