Brick-to-Brick Stainless Steel Wall Tie

Improve the effective thickness of a wall under load. Maintain the moisture break and thermal/sound insulation characteristics of
cavity walls. Designed, manufactured and tested to the BS requirements of DD140 parts 1 and 2.

LWTS: Type 3 Cavity Ties:
General purpose ties suitable for cavity widths up to 75mm. Suitable for use in masonry cavity walls of domestic houses and small commercial buildings up to 15m in height, where the basic wind speed does
not exceed 44m/s.



Declarations of Performance : 

Cavity Wall Ties: Austenitic stainless steel.

Insulation Clip: Black plastic.


For cavity walls with a leaf thickness of 90mm or more, unless otherwise specified place ties at 900mm centres horizontally, 450mm centres vertically and staggered where possible to a minimum density to be
2.5 ties per square metre.

Additional ties should be used at the unbonded vertical edges of an opening or at movement control joints. These should be placed 225mm from the joint, or opening, edge and at a maximum of 300mm centre
to centre.

Ties should be embedded into each leaf by at least 50mm, however to allow for normal tolerances of cavity widths this is usually increased. When using insulation batts, it may be necessary to reduce the horizontal
tie spacing to 600mm centres.