The use of Bricktie allows the construction of collar-jointed walls – made up from two thinner blocks.  By tying the two masonry leaves together, the wall may be designed as though it were solid construction.



Declarations of Performance : 

Bricktie provides an effective and time-saving solution to most wall combinations and consists of a 20 x 3 mm flat tie welded to two longitudinal flattened reinforcing wires. 

Bricktie is available in 175mm wide strips, to suit 215 mm collar-jointed wall constructed from two leaves of 100 mm blockwork.

Bricktie is widely used  for tying and reinforcing composite masonry walls.

The use of Bricktie also enable a fair-faced block finish to both sides of the wall by adopting a collar-joint construction.  Similarly, a single solid brick wall 215mm in thickness can be constructed using stretcher bond coursing without the need for any additional ties.