Cavity Frame Tie

FTC is a cavity frame tie which can be used for masonry to masonry or concrete to masonry or steel to masonry construction.

  • 8mm diameter vertical slot to accomodate M6 fixings.
  • Suitable for use on cavities ranging from 50mm to 150mm.
  • Deep 'V' profiled drip reduces mortar build up during construction and prevents water from crossing the cavity to the building's inner leaf.



Declarations of Performance : 
  • Austenitic stainless steel
  • Install to concrete with mechanical or resin anchors, to steel with self drilling screws and to masonry with suitable plastic plugs and screws.
  • Minimum 18mm diameter washer required in all instances. For stated tension loads to apply, the fixing must be installed at the bottom of the slot.
  • Isolation pads or sleeves are required to isolate stainless steel frame ties from mild steel support or fixings.