Heavy Engineered Restraint Strap

A direct replacement for traditional restraint straps, the innovative design of these lightweight straps allows ease of handling and installation whilst maintaining the structural strength and robustness of much heavier weight types.
The HES (heavy engineered strap) & LES (light engineered strap) replace
traditional heavy and light restraint straps in roof and floor construction.
Reducing the thickness to 1.5mm allows the HES strap to span the bottom
chords of trusses and over floor joists without the need for notching.
HES straps are less than 40% of the weight, quicker to fit, and overcome many fixing problems associated with traditional heavy straps.
The LES is designed for vertical applications e.g. holding down wall plates.


  • Formed edge design gives additional strength on bend
  • Quicker to install - can fit over top of floor joists and truss bottom chords
  • Easier to course with blockwork
  • No need to notch joists
  • Complies with BS EN 845-1



Declarations of Performance : 
  • Pre-galvanised mild steel

Horizontal strap installation

  • Approved Document A of the Building Regulations requires lateral restraint to be provided at each floor at a maximum of 2 metre centres
  • Restraint straps “perpendicular” to the floor joists are required to be held tight against the masonry and fixed across the first 3 joists
  • Restraint straps “parallel” to the floor joists are required to be held tight to the masonry and be at least 1200mm long
  • The characteristic tensile strength for horizontal restraint straps should not be less than 8kN

Vertical strap installation 

  • Vertical strapping, at least 1 metre in length, should be provided at eaves level to hold down timber wall plates, at intervals not exceeding 2 metres