Folded Mini Strap

The FMS strap provides restraint to masonry walls when the walls are supporting joist ends. They make installation easier, quicker and more cost effective - without compromising on wall stability.



  • Pre-galvanised mild steel.

In place of the heavy traditional 30x5mm strap at 2.0m c/c spacing, the FMS strap is installed to provide restraint at every joist end, whether built in or on hangers. So there’s no need to calculate where the straps go, or worry about getting one in the wrong place.

Every job gets done quicker and more smoothly. The FMS strap goes on every joist end up to 600mm c/c spacing, and blockwork up to 125mm thick.

  • Ideal solution for 2 ½ & 3 storey buildings which require straps on joist ends when built in to masonry walls
  • Improves quality of build
  • Saves time and labour costs
  • Greatly reduces scope for installation errors
  • Simplifies on-site inspection process
  • Accepted by NHBC