Heavy Backer Free I-Joist Hanger

The ITB/HITB hangers eliminates the requirement for backer blocks when supported from an I-joist header. The bottom flange location tabs and an open top flange provide enhanced capacity and improved ease of installation.

  • Eliminates the need for backer blocks with an I-joist to I-joist connection.
  • Bottom flange location tabs quickly set the hanger onto the I-Joist header.
  • Open top flange improves ease-of-installation.
  • Only one size of nail required - 3.75mm x 30mm Square Twist.
  • Optional nail holes for additional download and uplift capacity.



  • Pre-galvanised mild steel.
  • Designed for use with multiple headers.
  • Use 3.75 x 30mm square twist nails during this installation.
  • Ensure the supporting I-joists are connected together in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommended connection methods, i.e. MJC Connectors, or filler blocks.
  • Position the HITB hanger onto the face of the supporting I-joists, ensuring the bottom flanges are tight up against the underside of the bottom chord.
  • Fill all face round and obround holes with nails. Install nails into the holes within the bottom flanges.
  • Flatten the hanger’s open flanges to the top chords of the supporting I-joist and install a minimum of 4 nails per flange, 2 to the front and 2 to the rear of the joists.
  • Bend the bottom chord tabs over the top face of the bottom chord and install nails through the obround holes into the the top face of the bottom chord.
  • Sit the carried joist into the HITB hanger and install the nails through the round and obround holes into the joist.
  • Web stiffeners required with HITB and HITB-LT.