Insulation Clip

The IC Insulation clip provides a quick and simple method of retaining rigid
insulation within a timber frame panel, creating a controlled gap for services.
The IC saves time by allowing the insulation to be installed from the same
side as the sheathing, which elminates the need to turn the panel during
Since it fixes to the stud via the speed prong feature - no nailing is required.

  • Sizes to suit common stud widths.
  • Multiple depths to suit common thickness of rigid insulation.
  • Insulation installed same side as the sheathing - panel no longer needs to be turned during construction.
  • No nails required, speed prong feature fixes into the stud.
  • Split into two halves for single use around door and window openings, cripple studs and panel end studs.



  • Pre-galvanised mild steel
  • Make up the timber frame panel with the top and bottom rails and studs.
  • Position IC clip on the studs and fix.
  • Cut rigid insulation to size and push fit between the studs.
  • Fix sheathing board onto the panel.