Medium Face Fix I-Joist Hanger

MIU and HIU are face mounted hangers for supporting I-joists from timber members.

  • The MIU and HIU hangers feature Positive Angle Nailing (PAN), which minimises splitting of the flanges while permitting time-saving nailing from a better angle.
  • With PAN nailing, the slotted hole material is not removed, but is used to channel and confine the path of the nail to the optimum angle.
  • Joist top flanges are laterally restrained by the side of the hanger, eliminating the need for web stiffeners. I-joist manufacturers may require web stiffeners.



Technical approvals : ETA-17/0554
Declarations of Performance : 
  • Pre-galvanised mild steel.

Use all specified fasteners.Verify that the header can take the required fasteners specified in the table.

• Web stiffeners are not required with I-joists when the joist top flange is laterally
supported by the sides of the hanger, I-joist manufacturers may require web stiffeners.

Enhanced Uplift Loads

The MIU and HIU have optional triangular nail holes for additional uplift. Properly attached web stiffeners may be required for Enhanced uplift. Please contact Simpson Strong-Tie for details.


These hangers are fully die-formed, they cannot be modified. However these models will normally accommodate a skew of up to 5°.