Metal Web Joist Hanger

The IUB hangers support metal web joists and solid timber joists without the need for plywood gussets. They incorporate the unique feature of bottom flanges, which provide enhanced capacity.

  • Can be used on metal web joists or solid joist headers.
  • Eliminates the need for plywood gussets when supported from a metal web joist.
  • IUB Bottom flanges provide enhanced download capacity and quickly sets the hanger onto the header.
  • Obround holes in face to provide easier nailing access in tight locations.
  • IUB: Positive Angle Nailing (PAN) of joist to speed installation and reduce the likelihood of splitting.
  • IUB has hexagonal holes for SDS screw installation and optional triangular nail holes for additional download, when used in conjunction with a plywood gusset, and additional uplift capacities.



Technical approvals : ETA-17/0554
Declarations of Performance : 
  • Pre-galvanised mild steel
  • Position the hanger onto the face of supporting floor joist, ensuring the bottom flanges are tight up against the underside of the bottom chord.

  • Install 3.75 x 30mm nails into the holes within the hanger bottom
    flanges. Fill all face round and obround holes with 3.75 x 30mm square twist nails.

  • Sit the carried joist into the hanger and install 3.75 x 30mm  nails through the angled pan nail holes into the joist.

  • For enhanced uplift, fill all joist triangular nail holes with 3.75 x 30mm nails.

  • For SDS screw installation the IUB may be installed with 4 no. 6.2 x 63mm long SDS screws through the hexagonal holes in the face.