Metal Web Joist to SIP Hanger

The IUQ and HIUQ is the first hanger range specifically designed to allow engineered joists to be face fixed to a structural insulated panel (SIP), when used in conjunction with the Simpson Strong-Tie® patented SDS screws.

  • The IUQ and HIUQ (standard and heavy duty respectively) can be used with either metal web or engineered I-joists.
  • Joists no longer sit on top of the wall, thus eliminating thermal bridging at the joist/wall junction.
  • Cuts down on the time consuming and costly process of placing timber blocking pieces between the joists and the wall panels, creating a better air seal.
  • Installation is simple and efficient, requiring 2 (or 4) SDS screws (supplied with hangers).
  • Positive Angle Nailing (PAN) of joist to hanger can speed up installation while reducing the chance of splitting the joist bottom chords.



Technical approvals : ETA-17/0554
Declarations of Performance : 
  • Pre-galvanised mild steel.