Mini Joist Hanger

The MH is a one piece galvanised hanger available in a range of widths for light duty applications such as trimmers and ceiling joists of rectangular section. THe MH can also be used to build decking platforms.

  • Suitable for use with solid or I-joist headers.
  • Tab on seat ensures easy and accurate placement with easy bend feature when not required.
  • Fully tested on a range of solid headers.
  • See sacrificial joist detail catalogue page.



Declarations of Performance : 
Technical approvals : ETA-06/0270
  • Pre-galvanised milld steel.

For solid headers fill all round and triangular holes with nails.

For I-joist headers, fill all round holes with nails.

The hanger depth should be at least 60% of the carried member depth to
prevent rotation, if less than 60% additional lateral restraint is required to the
top of the carried member.