Safety Fast Joist Cap

The SFJC is an innovative product which enables a safe, practical and  robust solution that satisfies the requirements of ‘Approved Document B & L’ of the Building Regulations.
The SFJC is designed to be used where timber joists are built into a masonry external wall and eliminates the air leakage problems associated with shrinkage of timber joists. It also provides resistance to fire for up to 60  minutes when gaps are filled with mineral wool.




Black Polypropylene.

  • SFJC225/50 specifically designed for 50mm solid sawn joists up to 225mm deep.
  • SFJC305/50, SFJC305/100 and SFJC225/100 models accommodate a large range of joists types and sizes.
  • Air leakage around the joist end is eliminated.
  • Wide face flanges provide an air tight seal.