Side Clip Connector

SCHA slide-clip connector — an ideal solution for panelised or stickframe construction where light gauge steel bypasses framing anchors to the top of a floor slab or the bottom flange of a steel beam.

Testing shows that anchorage method and placement have significant impact on the buckling capacity of the anchored leg.




The connector features a wider support leg to decrease eccentricity on anchors and provide a variety of anchorage options. The included SCVS slider provides superior rotational support to the vertical leg of the SCHA connector, helping to improve the buckling performance of the anchored leg.

  • Provides a full 2.5mm of both upward and downward movement.
  • Tabulated design values for anchorage help mitigate risk and provide ease of specification.
  • No need for left or right parts — either face of anchorage leg can be used against the support.
  • Accommodates stand-off distances up to 12mm.
  • Can be used with 90mm, 100mm, 150mm and 200mm studs.
  • Pre-punched anchor holes, no rep-drilling required.
Suitable For
  • Light Gauge steel Construction