Timber Frame Panel Closer

The TFPC timber frame panel closer is used to draw timber panels together.
It helps minimise air leakage at the joint between timber frame panels and avoids the damage to the exterior substrate when using screws alone. It can be used for inline panel to panel connections, timber frame corner connections and timber frame panel to sole plate connections. The unique patented screw guide ensures that the fastening is
driven quickly and accuratley.



  • Service class 2
  • Indoor
  • Electrogalvanized steel Z275


  • S250GD + Z275 according to EN10346:2009
  • Material Thickness: 2.5mm
  • Screw guide ensures fast, accurate installation.
  • Simple method of joining panels and reducing air leakage without damaging the OSB Sheathing.
  • Screw thread design pulls the panels firmly together.
  • For inline panel-to-panel connections, timber frame corner connections & panel-to-sole plate connections.
  • All fasteners supplied.