Technical Data - High Wind Ties


Technical Data

Dimensions and Safe Working Loads

References Dimensions [mm] No. of fasteners - 3.75x30 Safe Working Loads [kN]
A B C E E1 To Rafters To Plates Short Term Uplift Lateral Short Term
F1 F2
H2.5A 40 152 40 55 55 5 5 2.31 0.49 0.49
  1. SWL's are for one anchor. A minimum rafter thickness of 63mm must be used when framing anchors are installed on each side of the joist and on the same side of the plate.
  2. When cross-grain bending or cross-grain tension cannot be avoided, mechanical reinforcement to resist all such forces should be considered.

Characteristic Capacities - 3.75x30mm nails

References No. of fasteners - 3.75x30 Characteristic Capacities [kN]
To Rafters To Plates F1 R2,k F3 R4,k
H2.5A 5 5 2.39 0.59 0.59 4.65

1. N3.75x30 Square Twist Nails - CE marked in accordance with EN14592.
2. Characteristic Capacities have been determined in accordance with TR16 and EN14358 for use with Eurocode 5. Values are based on C24 timbers.
3. Values are for one anchor. H2.5A may be installed in pairs installed diagonally across from each other to achieve twice the stated loads. Be aware of the timber sizes.