Installation - I-Beam Hole Support



  • Each IHS consists of 2 sets of 2 interlocking plates with one set required for each side of the I-joist.
  • The outer edge of the holes cut into the web of the I-joist can be a minimum of 50mm from the inner face of the blockwork.
  • Holes can be cut into the web of the I-joist before or after installation of the IHS.
  • Holes must fit within the internal aperture of the IHS.
  • Place the IHS onto the I-joist so that the top and bottom sliding flanges are aligned vertically central onto the top and bottom chords of the I-joist.
  • Open or close the IHS to the required width, ensuring that the two sections overlap by at least one row of nails (minimum overlap of 45mm).
  • Install 3.75x30mm square twist nails through all round holes into the top and bottom chords of the I-joist.
  • Repeat the above steps to install plates on the other side of the I-joist, completing the installation.
  • I-Beam Hole Support
  • I-Beam Hole Support
  • I-Beam Hole Support
  • I-Beam Hole Support

IHS Dimensions

product.image_with_dim.alt - IHS - I-Beam Hole Support
References Joist Height Fasteners
150 mm Bracket Opening
150mm 250mm Bracket Opening
Quantity Specification Quantity Specification
IHS195 195 - 200 24 3.75x30mm 32 3.75x30mm
IHS220 220 - 225 24 3.75x30mm 32 3.75x30mm
IHS235 235 24 3.75x30mm 32 3.75x30mm
IHS240 240 - 245 24 3.75x30mm 32 3.75x30mm
IHS300 300 - 302 24 3.75x30mm 32 3.75x30mm

1) Use 3.75x30mm Square Twist Nails

2) Number of fasteners is per hole in joist