Installation - Paper Backed Wired Mesh



Correct Overlapping

On the long edge and the short edge It is important to achieve a ‘steel on steel’ mesh overlap in both directions to ensure continuity of reinforcement for the render. The breather membrane fixed to the rear of the panel is extended at the top (long side) and at the left hand edge (short side).

Also, on the right hand edge (short side), the breather membrane is stopped short by 95mm behind the brown paper. This ensures the correct overlap for the membrane is maintained by simply installing panels on top of previously fixed panels, when following the overlap instructions detailed below.

On the vertical (short side) edge, the brown card paper must be removed for two full meshes to enable a ‘steel on steel’ mesh overlap with the adjacent panel.

Remove the brown card paper only on one short side of the panel being installed. This is normally the right hand side panel edge when fixing from right to left.

On the horizontal (long side) edge this is not required as the mesh edges are not covered totally by brown card paper, enabling the mesh overlap to interlock securely and the render to flow around and so anchor all wires across the overlap.

Fixing of the Panels
  • Only use the panel stiffening wires, that also serve as fixing wires, to fix the panels on to the frame stud, at 600mm cc horizontally (Dim A) and 300mm cc vertically (Dim B). The front side, for application of render is the printed side.
  • Always apply panels with the long side perpendicular to the main supports- i.e horizontally on vertical supports and vertically on horizontal supports.
  • Always continue installation in the same direction. Fixing the panels is best approached starting from right to left in rows and continued in the same direction along the wall and around the building when required, (as seen 1 to 5) to ensure uniformity and continuity of the panel overlaps.
  • Vertical (short side panel edge) overlaps must not be in line and should be staggered in a ‘brickwork’ type of arrangement.