Installation - Reinforced Angle Bracket




On wood:

  • CNA annular ring-shank nails dia. 4.0 x 35 or dia. 4.0 x 50 mm.
  • CSA screws dia. 5.0 x 35 mm or CSA screws dia. 5.0 x 40 mm.
  • Bolts.
  • LAG screws.

On concrete:
Concrete substrate

  • Mechanical anchor: WA M10-78/5 OR WA M12-104/5 pin.
  • Chemical anchor: AT-HP resin + LMAS M10-120/25 or LMAS M12-150/35 threaded rod.

Hollow masonry substrate:

  • Chemical anchor: AT-HP or POLY-GP resin + LMAS M12-150/35 threaded rod + SH M16-130 screen.

On steel:

  • Bolts.
  1. Come with the joist,
  2. Add nails. It can be also screwed,
  3. If the header is made out of timber, the angle bracket can be attached to it with nails or screw,
  4. If the header is made out of concrete, the angle bracket must be attached with adapted anchors (using the installation data from the anchor)
  • Wood to wood connection. - Reinforced Angle Bracket
    Wood to wood connection.