Technical Data - Reinforcing Angle


Technical Data

L70 Safe Working Loads

References Fasteners Safe Working Loads [kN]
Qty Specification C16 Timber TR26 Timber
L70 16 3.75 x 30mm 3.42 3.96
  1. Maximum allowable load transfer for each pair of L70 reinforcing angles, subject to load transfer rates within the table below.
  2. Allowable loads shown are for joist top chord applications only.
  3. Allowable loads shown are for downward vertical floor loads only


% of Applied Load Transfered to Clipped Truss
L70 Position L/D
L/D Greater or Equal to 12 L/D Less than 12
Middle 2/3 of Joist Span 40% 20%
End 1/6 of Span 25% 20%


  1. L/D = Truss Span (mm) divided by Joist Depth (mm)
  2. The joist designer shall determine the L/D ratio required to ensure satisfactory joist performance.
  3. The joist designer shall design each joist to meet all applicable code requirements.
  4. The joist designer must determine the quantity and spacing of pairs based on load capacity requirements. Provide a pair of L70’s at each load application point unless the loaded joist is designed for the total load applied between the L70’s. (Load transfer shall not exceed the applicable table value or the limits stated in the notes)
  5. Loads may not be increased for construction or other loading conditions.