Installation - Safety Fast Lite Hanger - Solid Joists




Step 1: Build masonry to the required level, ensuring any coursing bricks or blocks are at least one course below the supporting block.
Leave the masonry to cure for at least three days.

Step 2: Place the Safety Fast Lite Masonry Hanger (SFLH) over the inner leaf of the block work, ensuring the top flanges are fully bearing onto the top of the supporting block work and are also tight against the front face of the block work.

Step 3: Install the floor joist into the SFLH. The end of the joist should be tight against the back of the hanger. Maximum gap allowed: 6mm.
Install the specified joist nails (see table below).

Step 4: Install the appropriate restraint strap (see installation notes), ensuring the strap is tight against the back face of the block work hanger return and the side of the floor joist.

Fix with 3 x 3.75x30mm square twist nails.


Working on the floor prior to the next lift of masonry:
1. The floor decking may be stored on the joists provided the load is uniformly distributed among several joists and does not exceed the hanger or joist capacities. Refer to joist manufacturer or supplier for joist capacity and maximum construction loads.
2. The floor decking must be securely attached to each joist before additional loads can be placed on the system.
3. Pallets of blocks or other construction material should be placed onto the scaffolding and not directly onto the floor.
The materials can then be evenly distributed around the floor manually, ensuring the
hanger or joist capacities are not exceeded.

For example, total number of blocks per pair of joists (4 hangers) @ 600 c/c:
• 2.8N/mm2 AAC = 24
• 3.5N/mm2 AAC = 20
• 7.0N/mm2 DAC = 16
Note: I-joist shown for illustration purposes, SFLH is compatible with solid sawn joists.