Installation - Structural Wood Screw



  • SDW screws install best with a low-speed drill and a T40 6-lobe bit (bit included with every box of screws).
  • Pre-drilling is typically not required. SDW screws may be installed through metal truss plates as approved by the truss designer
  • Drive the fastener so that the top of the head is slightly embedded into the top surface of the timber. To ensure correct performance, do not under or over-drive the fastener.
  • Individual screw locations may be adjusted up to 75mm to avoid conflicts with other hardware or to avoid timber defects.
  • Stud Wall Assembly - Structural Wood Screw
    Stud Wall Assembly
  • Truss Assembly - Structural Wood Screw
    Truss Assembly
  • Frame reinforcemen - Structural Wood Screw
    Frame reinforcemen