Installation - Width adjustable face fix joist hanger




On wood:

  • CNA annular ring-shank nails dia. 4.0 x 50 mm.
  • Lag screws and bolts dia. 10 or dia. 12 mm.

On concrete:
Concrete substrate:

  • Mechanical anchor: WA M12-104/5 pin.
  • Chemical anchor: AT-HP resin + LMAS M12-150/35 threaded rod.

Hollow masonry substrate: (check the load bearing capacity of the anchors)

  • Chemical anchor: AT-HP or POLY-GP resin + LMAS M12-150/35 + SH M16-130 screen.
  • Use all specified fasteners.
  • Check that the header can accomodate the specified fasteners.
  • Each SDE must be nailed through the holes underneath the joist.
  • Installation Timber to timber - Width adjustable face fix joist hanger
    Installation Timber to timber