Hanger Options and Terminology

Options and Terminology.

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This information applies only to hangers manufactured by Simpson Strong-Tie® and installed as per our installation instructions. Some combinations of these options on a single hanger have not been evaluated. In some cases, combinations of these options may not be installable. A qualified engineer must always evaluate each connection, including header and joist limitations, before specifying the product.

Testing is performed using a standardised hanger test method. The joist in the test set up may include a certain amount of structural stability. Header and other attached structural members are assumed fixed in actual installations. Horizontal loads, induced by sloped joists, must be resisted by other members in the structural system.

  • Material thickness may vary from that specified for standard hanger configurations, depending on the manufacturing process. Generally welded hangers have one-piece stirrups; occasionally it may be necessary to create a welded stirrup from two or three pieces. Hanger configurations, height and fastener schedules may vary from the table depending on the joist size, skew and slope
  • See specific hanger tables. Welded hangers can be supplied with a galvanised or zinc plated finish.
  • Fastener quantities may be increased beyond the amount specified in the standard hanger table. Fill all holes with the table specified fastener type.