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Reasons to choose the HES over 5mm thick restraint straps

Installation Demonstration: LIB Face Fix I-Joist Hanger

Timber Frame Panel Closer

The timber panel closer helps minimise air leakage at the joint between closed panels and also prevents damage to the exterior substrate when using a screw alone. The TFPC can also be used to connect the timber frame panel to the sole plate.

C2KS Universal Wall Starter

An overview of an installaion of the C2KS universal wall starter system, highlighting the snap out ties which slide and fit along any point in the the profile channel to aid alignment with the brick or blockwork.

Strong-Portal: Racking Resistance for Timber Frame Structures

Developed to provide enhanced racking resistance in timber framed structures, the Strong-Portal system from Simpson Strong-Tie is environmentally friendly and simple to install.

I-Loft System

I-Loft from Simpson Strong-Tie is a revolutionary way to convert a loft using engineered timber I-beams instead of heavy steel girders.

Timber I-beams are very strong, but also very light, which means they can be passed into the roof space by hand, so there is no need to hire a crane. And since the beams are installed from wall-plate to wall plate they can passed into the roof via the removal of several rows of roof tiles (instead of through side walls). Also, they do not penetrate party walls, which gives a saving in legal fees (on average £750 per wall is saved).

As this video demonstrates, the JES connector allows the modification of the timber I-beams, allowing them to fit into the eaves of the roof.

Safe, simple and cost effective to install.

Safety Fast - Rapid Masonry Wall Construction Hanger

The SFLHI from Simpson Strong-Tie takes the best features of it's Safety Fast system and put's them into a single piece hanger which not only provides the same ability to build on unsupported floors, but also helps to reduce air leakage.

ITBS - Site Skewable I-Joist Hanger

The revolutionary ITBS reduces build cost, confusion, speed of installation and stock holding.

ITB Backer Free Connector

The ITB is an innovative hanger that eliminates the requirement for backer blocks when supported from an I-joist header.The bottom flange location tabs and an open top flange provide enhanced capacity and improved ease of installation

ITB Enhanced Installation

The ITB is an innovative hanger that eliminates the requirement for backer blocks when supported from an I-joist header. However, if you wish to add even greater loads, you can use back blocks as shown.

The World's Largest Earthquake Test

Simpson Strong-Tie participated in an unprecedented test to highlight the importance of earthquake-resistant construction and, ultimately, improve the construction safety of wood buildings in the U.S.