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    • dml black

    DML Expanded Metal Lathing Hits 100,000 Sheets a Year!

    This summer, we’re celebrating the production of one hundred thousandth DML Expanded Metal Lathing sheet. Our popular bead and mesh range is going from strength to strength, increasing in popularity as builders opt for a solution to suit a wider variety of applications. DML is easy to install and comfortably capable for many internal and external purposes. UK Marketing Manager, Kyle Perry explains: “Our…

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    • barclay simpson nb

    Neighbourhood relationships can have incredible repercussions!

    One evening, back in the summer of 1956, a neighbour rang the doorbell of Barclay Simpson's small business: he was looking for a product to fix the beams in his future home. Barclay, who at the time made wooden window frames, readily offered his help. With his head of workshop, he sketched out several prototypes and used a press from his workshop to manufacture…

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    • lab

    Graduation Time for our 2019 Industrial Cadets

    A huge well done to our 2019 Industrial Cadets, who joined us last week to learn what it’s like to work in construction connector manufacturing. Inspired by His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales, the Industrial Cadets scheme enables employers to run accredited experiences for young people, in order to create a talent pipeline for UK industry. Industrial Cadets Rory, Jack and James took…

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    • c gpc pho prod gable panel connector eu en cn

    Introducing our Innovative New Gable Panel Connector

    Announcing the launch of our new system of connectors, which incorporates new and existing products for the installation of a timber gable panel. The brand new Gable Panel Connector (GPC) solves the problem of the connection detail between the masonry wall, the wall plate and the bottom rail of the gable panel. Sales Director, Jon Head, says “We are pleased to be able to…

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    • builder using ipad

    Brand New How To's

    Featuring our most innovative and popular products, the videos showcase unique product features, top tips and installation advice, making product information and technical detail more accessible than ever. Marketing Manager Kyle Perry explains “We’re seeing a growing demand for quality show-how videos, so we're building a collection of videos to share with builders and designers. We’ve highlighted our most popular hangers, straps and masonry…

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    • quik drive keystone pr

    The world’s most advanced screw system just got even better!

    With a multitude of modular fittings and screws for a huge range of purposes, there is a Quik Drive kit to suit just about every application - from decking to drywall installation and mezzanine floor construction. The ergonomic design allows the installation of screws into walls, floors and ceilings without the need for bending, stretching or crouching. Which means not only can the system…

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    • 25 years Branch 36

    Celebrating 25 Years of Excellence in the UK

    In 1994, company founder Barclay Simpson sent Andris Peterson – then the only UK employee - to launch Simpson operations in Europe. Building on well-established beginnings in America, where Simpson created his first joist hanger back in 1956, he made many acquisitions in the UK, Germany, France and Denmark. He amalgamated and grew those businesses, establishing SST as a European industry leader in structural…

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    • CLT Installation

    What You Should Know About Cross-Laminated Timber Construction

    Engineers and architects are now favouring CLT for projects such as Pavillions, Bridges, Schools, Flats and Office buildings, With having built residences and low-rise commercial structures using dimensional wood framing since the mid-19th century. Wood was perceived to have significant structural limitations in terms of building height, which has begun to change. When sets of wood boards are glued together at alternating 90°angles, the…

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    • c emz3510nt machine plateonmachine warehouse amada plate social uk eu c0

    You Specify, We Manufacture

    Every construction project comes with its own set of challenges, sometimes unexpected and quite often unique. We know this, which is why we continue to invest in our ‘specials’ order service. We operate a rapid and comprehensive design and manufacture service for ‘one off’ connectors, sometimes with characteristic performance values comparable with our fully tested ranges. Customised solutions that are as unique as your…

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    • SST Tamworth Team

    Do What You Can Day

    ... a team of volunteers from Tamworth based company Simpson Strong-Tie, arrived at dog re-homing charity “Dun-Roamin’” in nearby Atherstone, to help re-vamp its facilities. The story actually began several weeks before, with various departments of Simpson Strong-Tie working together to design and manufacture a unique suite of metal-work solutions to help improve the comfort and security of the nine dogs currently waiting for…

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    • JHMI mechanically fixed to hollow section steel.

    Mechanically Fixing Masonry Hanger to Steel Beam

    Our solid sawn timber to masonry hanger (JHM product family) and I-Joist to masonry hanger (JHMI product family) can now be mechanically fixed to 'I' section or hollow section steel beams with a steel thickness of up to 12.5mm. This increases the JHM and JHMI hangers' versatility even further, allowing solid sawn joists and I-Joists to be suspended from masonry or steel. Only 2…

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    • Cross-Laminated Timber Connectors

    Connectors for Cross-Laminated Timber

    Cross-laminated timber (CLT) is growing in popularity as a sustainable and beautiful construction material. Practical too, CLT can be used for walls, floors and ceilings and is well suited to offsite assembly Our dedicated range of connectors includes: Heavy duty hold-down connectors. Angle brackets and nails plates. Acoustic Panel Connectors. Structural screws. CLT to Concrete

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    • builder and plasterers essentials april 2018

    Builder and Plasterer Essentials

    The 2018 ‘Builder and Plasterers Essentials’ brochure includes all of the core products that the professional builder or plasterer reaches for when renovating or extending homes. Simpsons’ Sarah Greenway explains: “We wanted to provide something more accessible to the builders’ merchant. We spoke to our customers and they told us what they really like to see in the catalogue (and what they don’t particularly…

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    • Cake Sale Raises £477.

    Cake Sale Raises £477

    On 18th April Branch 36 held a charity bake sale and raised £477 in aid of Stand up to Cancer. More than 20 kinds of cake baked and donated by staff, including a large cake raffled and later kindly shared out between among colleagues by raffle winner Angela McNulty.

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    • masonry reinforcement

    Masonry Reinforcement and Render Mesh

    Masonry reinforcement and render mesh solutions for timber and masonry construction: Bricktor® for crack control reinforcement Brickforce® for structural reinforced masonry applications Bricktie® - developed to overcome the problems associated with lifting heavy blocks in the construction of 215 mm and greater thickness walls STUCANET HGBM and EBM - purpose designed steel welded wire mesh plaster and render carriers Sales Director Jon Head comments…

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