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Our Quik Drive collated screw system passes the prestigious Roger Bisby product test.

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Professional Builder Magazine’s Products Editor Roger Bisby reviewed the Quik Drive collated screw system in July/August’s Professional Builder Magazine, and discussed the versatility of the attachment and extension arm for multiple uses. 

"...turns a single feed screw gun into a collated driver, giving you the best of both worlds"

Experienced builder, and consumer expert, Roger says “The Quik Drive attachment turns a single feed screw gun into a collated driver, giving you the best of both worlds… The attachment can be used with or without the extension arm, so you can dryline the walls with the short gun, and then put the arm on to do the floors and ceilings… You can fix most ceilings standing on the floor and fix flooring without bending down.”

"Simpson is a company that understands the demands on fixings..."

Discussing the high quality screws and unique stiff collation strip, Roger says “Happily, Simpson is a company that understands the demands on fixings, and the screws that come with the kit are very good”. He continues “The good thing is that this strip holds the screws a lot straighter at the head and the shank as they enter the nose piece, so the alignment is perfect… 

There are three quick-release nose-pieces supplied with the kit to suit screws so you can get from 25 to 76mm in three stages… Every other screw gun I have tried has the adjustment on the tool, so you slide the nose-piece back and forth to suit the screw length. This is, to my mind, a better solution, because it lines the screw up better.”

After making some helpful suggestions for keeping the Quik Drive in top shape, Roger praised the clear instruction booklet, which features hints and tips that “will help you get the best out of this tool, and I am sure you will find it speeds the job up no end.”

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