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60 Years Experience in 60 Minutes - Structural Connectors CPD Roll Out to Ireland.

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Celebrating 60 years in the design and manufacture of innovative connector solutions for the construction industry, the UK’s leading manufacturer, Simpson Strong-Tie is taking its CPD accredited seminars to new heights across the UK and Ireland in 2016, as it's now registered with 'Engineers Ireland'.

The culmination of decades of product development and shaped by feedback received by our technical support team from builders and building designers alike, the course covers connector solutions for all forms of construction including: timber frame, brick and block, cross laminated timber, glulam, light gauge steel and also chemical and mechanical anchors for masonry and concrete. Highlighting a variety of unique and innovative metalwork solutions to common construction and design challenges, not to mention the more unusual and unexpected, the course takes about 60 minutes to complete.

Building designers can learn out about the I-Joist hole support (IHS). Approved by I-Joist manufacturers, the IHS allows holes to be cut into the web of I-Joists for services and soil pipes to pass through, providing reinforcement to the area which would otherwise be weakened and making it much easier to accommodate services. A very useful solution for those unforeseen developments in the build as it can be retrofitted with ease, or designed in to simplify planning.

Also featured is the Safety Fast Masonry hanger system. These joist hangers have been specifically designed so that the builder can start building and loading a floor without first having to build three courses of blockwork above it – reducing build times by up to 25 days!

Timber frame building designers can also get a close look at Strong-Portal, a quick and simple to install system which restores racking resistance to timber frames, making it easier to design larger openings such as garage, patio doors or wide bay windows. All without the issues associated with large amounts of steel – Strong-Portals can be installed by two people, so there’s no need to bring heavy cranes on site.

The Simpson Strong-Tie technical support team has been giving valuable advice to UK engineers and house builders for over 20 years, along the way they’ve collected a huge knowledge base in terms of the consequences of incorrect installation and through this seminar we also share our experience with attendees to help avoid the same issues.

Nobody goes away empty handed either, anyone attending the seminar is given instant access to our vast library of 3D models, ready to drop into architectural plans. We also conduct a quick tour of our ‘Connector Selector’ software: a fast and convenient way to match a connector to an application.

Over 1,300 engineers have already completed the Connector Solutions CPD, during the 300 courses we have delivered. To request a seminar at a time and location to suit you, or to find out more, contact Laurence Parker on 07432 727822 or email Laurence on lparker@strongtie.com. Alternatively, visit www.strongtie.co.uk.

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