The new DIY Utility Kit from Simpson Strong-Tie

Simpson Strong-Tie is now turning it's expertise to the DIY audience, with the DIY Utility Kit.

With almost 60 years experience in structural connectors, Simpson Strong-Tie now has a product range for the DIY audience - the DIY Utility Kit.

Featuring a set of 8 specially designed connectors which bring three sections of timber together to form a perfect corner, there's no need for complex carpentry joints , fixings and instructions are included.

Compatible with 89 x 38mm  CLS timber, the DIY Utility Kit is sufficient to build a workbench type frame that is incredibly sturdy, yet very simple to build. We even came up with the brand "Simply Build It" to differentiate it from the professional builder audience because it can be used by anyone, regardless of their DIY skill level.

Marketing Manager Chris Sanders explains: "Although intially designed to be used to build a workbench, we quickly realised that the kit has a great many more applications for the garage, garden and even home. We've since used the exact same components to create crafting tables, potting benches, log holders, heavy duty racking systems and even indoor furniture. These are but a few of the ideas that we have come across, since the adaptable and modular form of the DIY Utility kit lends itself to limitless possibilties."

In additon to being easy to use and very strong, the DIY Kit allows the build of a workbench (for example), completely customised to the users needs in terms of size,  as the timber used with it can be cut to a length to suit the project. Whether it needs to fit a specific space in terms of width and depth, or simply to be the most comfortable height to work at.

To make life even even easier, we have also developed an online app which calculates precisely what lengths of CLS timber need to be cut to achieve the overall dimensions required, simply enter the height, width and length to receive a timber cutting list that can be used as part of the building plan or be given to a timber merchant so they can supply material you need.

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