Introducing our Innovative New Gable Panel Connector

Introducing our Innovative New Gable Panel Connector, the GPC

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Announcing the launch of our new system of connectors, which incorporates new and existing products for the installation of a timber gable panel. The brand new Gable Panel Connector (GPC) solves the problem of the connection detail between the masonry wall, the wall plate and the bottom rail of the gable panel.

Sales Director, Jon Head, says “We are pleased to be able to offer a complete solution for connecting timber gable panels to masonry walls and roof structures. The GPC has been developed to safely transfer the lateral wind loads being applied to the masonry and the timber gable ends into the braced roof diaphragm. The solutions give installation options using either a continuous wall plate or raised wall plate at the gable end.’’

Simpson Strong-Tie continues to develop a wide range of engineered and tested products to help build Safer Stronger Structures.

For full technical details, visit the GPC product page or our Literature Library.

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