Mechanically Fixing Masonry Hanger to Steel Beam

  • JHMI mechanically fixed to hollow section steel.

Our solid sawn timber to masonry hanger (JHM product family) and I-Joist to masonry hanger (JHMI product family) can now be mechanically fixed to 'I' section or hollow section steel beams with a steel thickness of up to 12.5mm.

This increases the JHM and JHMI hangers' versatility even further, allowing solid sawn joists and I-Joists to be suspended from masonry or steel. Only 2 fixings are required into the steel - the XLQ114B1224 hex head self-drilling screw (also available from Simpon Strong-Tie®), with a further 2 nails installed into the timber.

Installation instructions and characteristic perfomances are now available from our website.

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