Neighbourhood relationships can have incredible repercussions!

Neighbourhood relationships can have incredible repercussions!  Discover how one of Barclay Simpson’s neighbours transformed Simpson Strong-Tie forever...

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One evening, back in the summer of 1956, a neighbour rang the doorbell of Barclay Simpson's small business: he was looking for a product to fix the beams in his future home.

Barclay, who at the time made wooden window frames, readily offered his help. With his head of workshop, he sketched out several prototypes and used a press from his workshop to manufacture his first structural shoe.

For Barclay Simpson, it wasn’t simply about solving the neighbour’s problem, but about making your customer a priority.

Sixty years later, Simpson Strong-Tie has become a global reference in structural connections and fasteners, putting its know-how at the service of customers around the world, for all their construction and renovation projects.

This year Simpson Strong-Tie is celebrating 25 years in the UK, and the A35E Framing Anchor, celebrating its 40th anniversary, is now the longest standing Strong-Tie connector.

Even with this success, Simpson Strong-Tie has always committed to doing things simply by focusing on the Barclay values that have made it successful: reliability, innovation, quality, and service.

Coming out of his comfort zone in order to make a customer need a priority, Barclay Simpson transformed his business forever, to become one of the world leaders in the structural connection market.

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