New 2014 Edition Catalogue

Our new Connectors brochure is now available. More products, more installation advice, more love to the construction industry.

  • C-14UK Catalogue

In addition to the UK's widest range of construction connectors this edition also includes our range for structural screws (for connecting multiple timber plies of just about any type) as well as chemical and mechanical fixings for concrete.

What's New?

  • Structural Screws (ESCR/SDW)
  • Mechanical and Chemical Anchor System
  • Glulam Products
  • Expanded Post Bases section
  • Metal Web Hanger Dedicated Section
  • Index of DoP references by Product
  • LIB I-Joist Hanger
  • RHMSK Skewed Masonry Hanger
  • HB Top Flange I-Jost Hanger
  • ABW Post Base
  • CPT Post Base
  • THGQ Girder Truss Hanger
  • FTC Cavity Frame Tie
  • CWT Cavity Wall Tie

Download 'Connectors for Timber and Masonry' 2014 Edition.

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