Post Bases Hit a Home Run

In May London welcomed the 'Green Sky Thinking' Campaign which was host to an array of talents of over 2,000 professionals...

  • green sky thinking post bases

 ...from decision-makers like local authority councillors, planners and policy makers to industry specifics like architects, designers, engineers and construction professionals to even the end users like clients, developers, asset managers, housing associations and neighbourhood groups over the week's long event.

The aim, to highlight the best practises and thinking in sustainable design and building. Architect firm Levitt Bernstein along in collaboration with Innovare tasked themselves with showcasing an 'offsite manufacture' build in which would be at the forefront of the week's activities. Their objective was to produce a sturdy, efficient 'POD' that could be built and delivered to location effectively. This is where the reliable, trust worthy Post Base's of Simpson Strong-Tie were called upon. 

The APB100/150 Adjustable Post base was considered to be the best approach to deliver the 'Pod' and support and showcase it effectively.  

One of London’s most influential politicians has pledged her support to off-site manufacturing as a means to ramp up housebuilding and tackle the capital’s housing crisis. Nicky Gavron chair of the Greater London Assembly’s planning committee said factory-built solutions could “usher in a new era in housing design and construction”.

With thousands of people in temporary accommodation across London, Gavron said the need for well-built, affordable and energy-efficient homes was more pressing than ever, and off-site manufactured accommodation could play an important role in responding to the problem.

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