Premium Fasteners Catalogue Hits The Shelves

Introducing our brand new Premium Fasteners range. Featuring superior strength nails and screws to cover almost every application, the extensive collection is showcased in the newly released Premium Fasteners Catalogue – hot off the press this April.

  • premium fasteners catalogue

Europe’s leading range of superior nails and screws includes stainless steel, structural and collated options.

“We’re excited to launch our new Premium Fasteners product collection” explains Jesper Hebbelstrup – European Fasteners Product Manager. “Quality and reliability is our top priority. The fastening system you choose is as important as the materials and finishing touches; cheap nails and screws can cause decking to loosen over time causing uneven surfaces. Fasteners can even deteriorate over time if used an inferior quality product is used.

We’ve got all the Premium Fastening systems you need to guarantee long-term performance and safety, whether you’re fastening connectors, structural timber, cross laminated timber, concrete, light gauge steel, flooring, roofing or cladding. For high-volume, repetitive fastening, the Quik Drive auto-feed screw systems are designed to save time and money - and we’re now pleased to say that every kit purchased comes with a limited lifetime warranty.”

Designed to meet the needs of building professionals across the construction industry, the new Premium Fasteners Catalogue is packed full of technical information and installation advice, to help you build safer, stronger structures.

The new catalogue is available now in hard copy or to download in our Literature Library.

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