Quik Drive Kicks Up a Gear

More products, a new catalogue and a freshly appointed tools guru...

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Simpson Strong-Tie is boosting support for its collated screw system: “Quik Drive” with the appointment of a new Sales Manager.

Fixings Industry veteran and now Quik Drive afficianado: Phil Chambers explains: “The Quik Drive system has been on my radar for some time, its not just fast, its really (really) simple to use. It’s great to see the lights go on in peoples mind when they give it a try, so for me it’s a thrill to join the team behind it and to spend time with people from the many different industries that can make great use of the Quik Drive system.”

In addition to Phil conducting Quik Drive demonstrations throughout the UK, an all new Quik Drive catalogue is being released this summer. The latest edition features additional Quik Drive equipment and collated screws introduced during 2017.

The catalogue has also received a design revamp to make it as easy to use as the Quik Drive system itself, with better visuals and more ’how to’ guidance.

You can download the latest catalogue here.

For further information or to arrange a test drive, contact Phil Chambers via email: pchambers@strongtie.eu.

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