Spotlight on Over-Sail Movement Clip Connectors

  As part of a commitment to expand our range of products for light gauge steel applications, we've developed a new line of connectors for use with buildings having “over-sail” structures.

  • LGS wall section oversail

Over-sail projects require a variety of connectors which provide a load path from the over-sail structure to the primary structure for:

• Wind loads

• Seismic loads

• Dead loads

Movement clip connectors enable the structural building frame to deflect independently of the over-sail configuration.

Fixed clip connectors support the dead load of an over-sail structure from the structural frame. These have the added benefit of providing a connector solution for load bearing walls and roof systems.

Our connectors for over-sail construction methods accommodate many different framing applications in a variety of locations. We also offer connectors for head-of-wall and strut applications.

The movement clip connectors are designed to be fixed to the building structure and the over-sail steel section. The slots in the connectors allow deflection of the over-sail to occur independently of the building structure, accommodating movement when encountered in the building design.

The SCB movement clip connector is a high performance connector for over-sail framing applications. Designed to reduce design time and overall installed cost. Various anchorage methods have been tested, and the resulting allowable anchorage loads eliminates the need to manually design connector anchorage. The SCB as a single connector can accommodate applications that would typically require two connectors, reducing material and labour costs. SCB connectors are manufactured in a number of different sizes to accommodate a variety of stand-off conditions and steel stud sizes.

The SSB framing movement clip strut connector is a versatile strut connector commonly used at the bottom of a steel beam to accommodate large over-sail structures.

The LGSSC is a universal splicing clip designed to connect the over–sail LGS studs to the primary structure in continuous walling installations. The LGSSC provides a secure connection to the floor slab whilst allowing for up to 50mm of vertical movement between butt jointed light gauge steel studs. It is non-handed, enabling an easier ordering process for site.

The SCW head of wall movement clip connectors are primarily used in deflection head applications that require vertical movement relative to the structure. The connector can also be used to strengthen window and door jambs for projects that utilise slip-track.

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The new catalogue is available now, or you can download a copy from the Literature Library.

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