The world’s most advanced screw system just got even better!

Looking for a significantly faster way to install screws? Test drive our Quik Drive auto-feed system.

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With a multitude of modular fittings and screws for a huge range of purposes, there is a Quik Drive kit to suit just about every application - from decking to drywall installation and mezzanine floor construction. The ergonomic design allows the installation of screws into walls, floors and ceilings without the need for bending, stretching or crouching. Which means not only can the system operate for several hours at a time – so can you. The Quik Drive system fits onto all leading dry wall drivers with just a click.

The patented screw strips are designed to avoid jamming, and unlike many collated screw strips, a partially used one can be saved for reuse later – so it’s cost effective too. National Sales Manager, Phil Chambers, explains: “The Quik Drive system really is excelling in the industry over the past few years, and we’ve received approvals from Fermacell, SmartBoard and Trex Decking.

Thanks to its selection of performance tested screws, It’s great to see when the lights go on in peoples mind when they give it a try with our free demonstrations. A common issue I see is premium quality decking boards being held down using standard, off the shelf screws. This drastically reduces the life expectancy and the quality of finish to the decking, who wants a squeaky uneven deck when the Quik Drive can offer so many solutions to these easily prevented issues?”

In addition to Phil conducting Quik Drive demonstrations throughout the UK, an all-new catalogue now features additional Quik Drive equipment and collated screws, including some tools that can be used to install construction connectors. Now offering more screws, more tools, more applications resulting in less pain, less cost, less time.

Visit the literature library at to view or download the latest catalogue. For further information or to arrange a test drive, email Phil Chambers:

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