Custom Connectors

Made to order

Not every construction project is the same.

And not all of them go exactly to plan. Which is why operate a speedy custom design and fabrication service.

We can manufacture connectors to architect, designer or structural engineer specifications, to the same quality and performance standard as our conventional ranges.

All we need in most cases are dimensional and loading details and our product design and manufacturing team will do the rest.

Whether you need heavy duty post bases, moment plates or small, but heavy duty angle brackets, we aim to turn things around in just 2 to 3 working days.

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  1. Design to Installation

    Our sales, engineering and customer care teams support you at every stage in the process, from validating the design to advice on installation.

    • First, specify your requirements in terms of usage, load bearing capacities and dimensions.

    • Once it has been checked and approved, your custom design is passed to our production team.

    • Next, your parts enter our state of the art manufacturing process.

    • The completed parts are quality checked to ensure they meet the required specification.

    • The journey to you begins. The finished products are packed and handed over to our logistics team.

    • Often within a few working days, your custom connectors arrive at the jobsite or your premises.

    • Need further installation advice? Our technical support team will remain on-hand until the job is done.

    Product Brochures and Technical Data

    Check out our construction connectors catalogues. It may be that we already have what you need - off the shelf and ready to deliver.

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