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  1. Joist hangers and connectors designed specifically for I-Joist installations

    Engineered wood joists, or I-joists offer many advantages over traditional solid sawn timber joists.

    • Structural and dimensional consistency and stability.
    • Longer continuous span means more floor design flexibility.
    • Lighter, easier to handle and install.
    • Environmentally sustainable.
    • Reduced wastage on-site.

    Tested and approved by the UK's leading engineered wood joist manufacturers

    We offer joist connector configurations to suit every size and range available from the UK's leading timber I-joist manufacturers.

    Designed specifically for and tested with each type of I-joist, our connector solutions are trusted and approved for use throughout the UK and Europe. 

    For convenience and peace of mind, our solutions are also integrated with the floor design software associated the list below.

    • James Jones
    • Masonite
    • MetsaWood
    • Steico

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