Simpson End Seal

Simpson End Seal: One solution for air leakage and sound transference requirements.The SES Simpson End Seal provides a fast and effective solution to reduce air leakage through ‘pocket masonry’ in block walls. Once installed, it removes the need for mastic sealant around the perimeter of joists (subject to good workmanship when mortar keying).

The SES is a cost effective way to help comply with the requirements of Part L (reduced air leakage) and Part E (reduced sound transference).

Product Details



Pre-galvanised mild steel.



The SES allows for a full 100mm bearing of joist onto masonry walls.

  • Air leakage - reduces air leakage without the need for mastic sealant.
  • Sound - meets the sound requirements of a proprietary joist cap as specified by Appendix A, Robust Details Part E Handbook.
  • Fire - provides 1 hour of fire resistance (in compliance with approved Document B).
  • Can be used on external and party walls.
  • Meets the NHBC Technical requirements.
  • Secure fixing - provided by 30mm Square Twist Nails.

Technical Data


Product Dimensions & I-Joist Manufacturer

References Product Dimensions [mm] I-Joist Manufacturer
A B E Masonite MetsaWood James Jones Steico
SES101/4545157101--JJI 195/47-45-
SES118/4545174118-FJI 200/45-36 FJI 200/53-36-S 200/45-39
SES122/4545178122M 220/45-47-JJI 200/47-45-
SES138/4545194138M 240/47-47FJI 220/45-36 FJI 220/53-36JJI 235/47-45S 220/45-39
SES151/4545207151-FJI 240/45-36 FJI 240/53-36JJI 245/47-45S 240/45-39
SES202/4545258202M 300/47-47-JJI 300/47-45-
SES218/4545274218-FJI 200/45-36 FJI 300/53-36-S 300/45-39
SES278/4545338278-FJI 360/45-36 FJI 360/53-36-S 360/45-39
SES318/4545374318-FJI 400/45-36 FJI 400/53-36-S 400/45-39
SES118/6060174118---S 200/60-39
SES122/6060178122M 220/60-47-JJI 220/63-45-
SES138/6060194138M 240/60-47-JJI 235/63-45S 220/60-39
SES151/6060207151--JJI245/63-45S 240/60-39
SES202/6060258202M 300/60-47-JJI 300/63-45-
SES218/6060274218---S 300/60-39
SES252/6060308252M 350/60-47---
SES278/6060334278---S 360/60-39
SES302/6060358202M 400/60-47---
SES318/6060374318---S 400/60-39
SES101/6969157101--JJI 195/72-45-
SES122/6969178122M 220/70-47FJI 200/69-36JJI 220/72-45-
SES138/6969194138M 240/70-47FJI 220/69-36JJI 235/72-45-
SES151/6969207151-FJI 240/69-36JJI 245/72-45-
SES202/6969258202M 300/70-47-JJI 300/72-45-
SES218/6969274218-FJI 300/69-36--
SES252/6969308252--JJI 350/72-45-
SES278/6969334278-FJI 360/69-36--
SES302/6969358302--JJI 400/72-45-
SES318/6969374318-FJI 400/69-36--
SES118/9090174118-FJI 200/96-39-S 200/90-39
SES122/9090178122M 220/97-47-JJI 220/97-45-
SES138/9090194138M 240/97-47FJI 220/96-39JJI 235/97-45S 220/90-39
SES151/9090207151-FJI 240/96-39JJI 245/97-45S 240/90-39
SES202/9090258202M 300/97-47-JJI 300/97-45-
SES218/9090274218-FJI 300/96-39-S 300/90-39
SES252/9090308252M 350/97-47-JJI 350/97-45-
SES278/9090334278-FJI 360/96-39-S 360/90-39
SES302/9090358302M 400/97-47-JJI 400/97-45-
SES318/9090374318-FJI 400/96-39-S 400/90-39

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