Light Gauge Steel

Light Gauge Steel

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  1. Fast, cost efficient off-site construction

    Light gauge steel (LGS) framing consists of sections of cold-form steel which can be used throughout a structure such as for load bearing exterior walls, non-load bearing facades, load bearing floor joists and roof trusses

    Due to its light weight and high tensile strength it is durable, flexible, offers robust structural performance in addition to enhanced thermal resistance and sustainability.

    Performance tested - specify with confidence

    Typically, the required connections are locally sourced, however we manufacture performance tested and approved connectors and fastenings that provide consistent and predictable results every time. Our range includes:

    • Hold downs, tension ties and levelleing systems
    • Over-sail movement connectors
    • Parapet wall brackets
    • Structural 90° angle brackets
    • Steel joist connectors
    • Bridging connectors
    • High wind ties
    • Specialist steel frame screws
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