Our Culture

Barclay Simpson

At Simpson Strong-Tie®, we compare our unique culture to a "secret sauce". It's made up of multiple ingredients, which reflect the specific skills and talents of our employees, as well as our attitude to customers, suppliers and each other.

Our mission

We provide the solutions that help people design and build safer and stronger structures.

Our vision

To provide the most trusted construction solutions on jobs worldwide.

Our values

When Barc Simpson founded Simpson Strong-Tie, he defined the essential elements that contribute to the success of the company and its employees. Our values ​​are based on these nine principles set out by Barc:

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  1. 1. Relentless Customer Focus

    Show interest in their lives. Make them feel important and then you may find out that they get interested in you and your products much more than they would if you just fill an order. No matter what your position in the company, it’s vital that you keep the customers and users in mind whether you have direct contact or not. What do they need from you? How can you improve their lives?

    2. Long Range View

    Good business leaders focus on the long-term outcomes, not short-term gains.

    You should think of your role in the company as being a long-term investor not a day trader. This is a rarity in business these days. Long-term relationships are built on trust and respect and this applies to your everyday job. Show respect and build trust in everything you do with your customers, users, and with your fellow employees. Always be straight-forward. Don’t just tell people what they want to hear. Tell it like it is.

    3. High-Quality Products

    A company can only be temporarily successful without a quality product.

    The people in our company can feel proud of what our products can do and each and every person in the company plays a role in ensuring that our products meet high standards. It is important to remember that the work you do makes a difference.

    4. Be the Leader

    Being the leader in anything attracts the best people and success depends on your people.

    If you’re a winner, it’s in your gut that you want to be part of the best. That is where building a brand comes in. When your brand is the leader, people will buy your product same price, or more, and will not accept a substitute.

    5. Everybody Matters

    Our company culture says that everyone gets recognized for their contribution, no matter the role.

    There are no big shots, no parking places. It’s always been first names. Nobody’s Mr. or Ms. You’re Joe or Carol or Pete or Barc – we’re all working together toward the same goal. We rely on each other to be successful, we show each other respect.

    6. Enable Growth

    When people join our company, they don’t come for a bus stop.

    This is a career. When we hire someone, they find out when the job above them becomes available they’ve got a shot at it. People work harder and smarter when they’re excited about their jobs.

    A great company gives people an atmosphere where they’re happy to come to work in the morning. And that may not happen everyday, but in general they have confidence in their future with the company where they know their hard work will be recognized.

    People are encouraged to grow, to seek out the positive in everyday challenges and find new opportunities to contribute to the company’s success. If you want someone to really put out the effort it should be rewarded – it’s a direct connection. Everybody in the company can make more money if the company makes more money.

    7. Risk Taking Innovation

    Great companies are built on creative ideas from talented people – you have to take risks.

    Sure, we all make mistakes along the way. I certainly have and if you’re really going to be innovative, you’re going to make mistakes. Don’t become stagnant in your job, be curious. Don’t play it safe, take risks. Be creative and you’ll inspire yourself and others to try something new.

    8. Give Back

    We’re all so fortunate.

    No matter what each of our personal situation is, we know that there are many others in this world who will never have the opportunities we’ve had. It is our responsibility to reach out, in whatever manner we can, to support others. We’re all connected in some way and are all part of a greater community.

    It’s important to make what impact you can – you may not have the financial means that others might have but whatever you can do, do it. Look for small ways to give back every day. Help out your neighbor, make time for others, do what you can.

    9. Have Fun. Be Humble.

    To be successful takes hard work, but getting there can be fun if you let it be.

    Your attitude is what matters. This is one rule I try to live by. Don’t take yourself too seriously or think you’re too important. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to be important and do important things, just don’t let your ego get in the way.

    Find something that has meaning that you can do something about and forget about the other stuff where you can’t. Have fun and be productive. Great companies are built with great people. When I got into this business, I decided that I’m no genius so I need to hire the very best people and they make the company the kind of place where they don’t want to go anywhere else. They want to stay here and help build it.


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